About Us

What does it mean to live your best life?
S&D Essentials believes in people leading the greatest lives possible! We view the world through the lenses of happiness, health, wealth, and beauty. Although skin care is the focus of our business, we don't do ordinary. We think that the scope of even something as basic as a skin care product should extend beyond the skin's surface. Since we started producing and using our own whipped body butter, we have come to understand that even products used on the body are contaminated with poisons and chemicals that are just as harmful as the meals we consume. After utilizing & creating our own for years, we decided to extend to family & friends who not only liked the fantastic benefits they obtained but also understood the motivation behind it. Sheneka and Duran want people to realize that when life is intentionally taken care of, it is worth living. 100% natural S & D Essential goods leave you feeling wealthy, attractive, and healthy.